Is Truck Driving Right For You?

Traveling on a regular basis for a career that you love is the American dream. And, if traveling on the highways, seeing all the sites, maybe even meeting people from all over the country is appealing to you, consider a career in truck driving.   Being a truck driver can READ MORE

Debunked Myths of Truck Drivers

It can be hard to separate the myths and facts from each other when it comes to truck driving. Unfortunately because of these myths, potential drivers rethink applying for trucking jobs. Whether you are a new company driver or you’ve been with the company for years, Nagle wants to give READ MORE

Truck Driving Jobs: Life on the Road

Maybe you’re ready for a career change or maybe you’re just ready for a change in companies. Either way, truck driving might be the perfect career path for you. If you’ve ever considered a truck driving job, take a look below to see if you would be a good fit. READ MORE