A Memorable Truck Stop in Nashville

  Quality transportation service doesn’t go unnoticed –at least not with the friendly folks of Nashville, Tennessee. One of our Nagle Companies truckers had a truck stop that made a lasting impression on the folks at the local Hunts Bro’s Pizza restaurant with an interaction that would put a smile on your face. READ MORE

8 Facts About Truck Drivers in America

When deciding to choose the occupation of a truck driver, there are a lot of things to consider. In many ways, being a CDL driver is more of a lifestyle than a job. The demands certainly limit what time you spend at home, which impacts relationships with those around you. READ MORE

Eating a Healthy Diet as a Truck Driver

Over the road truck drivers are constantly challenged when it comes to eating a healthy diet, especially with how convenient fast food is. Unfortunately, diner, truck stops, convenience and fast food options are usually full of calories, fat and sodium, which can derail any intentions you had on eating a READ MORE

Distracted Driving

Nagle wants drivers all around the world to stay safe on the road. Learn about distracted driving below and find out what you can do better.

Different Types of Trucking Jobs

Thinking about joining the trucking workforce may seem simple enough, but did you know that there are multiple types of truck driving to choose from? Different types of trucking jobs means different qualifications to apply to your skill levels and different benefits and wages. Learn the different types and choose READ MORE

Local Truck Driving with Nagle

Want a trucking career that includes time with your family? Look no further, here at Nagle Companies, we take care of you. Learn more about our local truck driving below!

FMCSA Regulations on Distracted Driving

Distracted driving doesn’t just effect you’re driving, but it affects other drivers on the road. Because of the risks associated with distracted driving, the FMCSA has set up strict guidelines as well as penalties for anyone who has the habit of being an unfocused driver. What to Know About Distracted READ MORE