About Us

Where We Come From

We are currently a second generation, pseudo-third generation company. Our maternal grandfather, Joe Bugyi, operated a company (Bug-Eye Transportation – “Bug-Eye” is the pronunciation of our grandfather’s last name) as a division for Refrigerated Transport Co (RTC.) In 1977 he called our father, Ed Jr. an engineer for Dana Corp,  asking for a referral. He needed to open a truck terminal in Toledo and he was wondering if our father could suggest anyone. Ed Jr. called him back a week later and replied, “Me, and I need to give Dana three weeks notice!”

The Founding of Nagle Trucking

Our parents, Ed and Joanne, opened the terminal in 1977 at the “Toledo 5”, Union 76 truck stop. When our grandfather decided to close his company our mother and father talked with their sons, Ed III and Steve, to see if we would be interested in joining them as they started a new company. They had a customer base and a following of trucks. Nagle Line, Inc. started as an agent for Mid American Transport div of RTC. Under growing pressure from our customers we obtained our Brokerage Authority in 1988, then our Contract and Common Authority under Nagle Toledo, Inc. in 1989.

The Company Today

Currently the two Nagle brothers hold the following positions:

Our Services

Transportation Services

The scope and nature of our business is the transportation of foodstuff commodities, temperature controlled and dry, to all 48 states. However, our primary service is to the states east of the Mississippi.

Maintenance Services

In addition to our transportation services, we have a service facility that provides maintenance for our equipment, our customers equipment, and provides emergency road call service.


Nagle Companies use a combination of our truck assets and our network of carriers to move your freight. Nagle Companies transported thousands of loads per year using our broker services.

Nagle Companies is more than a trucking company we are your partner and brings value added to your business.

Warehouse and Distribution

Whether you need additional warehouse space, freight rework, restacking, palletizing, salvage, or storage space between shipments, we can provide a solution. Our warehouse is a viable alternative to companies who need distribution services and short term storage, and activity base facility, but don’t want to invest in additional costly land, buildings, and equipment.

We Haven’t Forgotten Where We Come From and Who Keeps Us In Business

Over the last 35 years that we have been in Toledo we have made many friends. We continue to work with carriers that we have relationships with that go as far back as the original Bug-Eye Transportation era. Several of our owner-operators today were owner-operators for our grandfather and parents.

We would get together with our grandfather several times a year. Without fail, at the end of some conversation he will smile, laugh softly, turn and ask, “What would you guys be doing today if I didn’t hire your father?” To which we always respond, we would be working a 40-hour a week mundane job instead of a 70-80 hour a week job that we all thoroughly enjoy.

To this day, we still proclaim, “Thanks Gramps and thank you Mom and Dad!”

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